Exploring the Roads of Lithuania Minor 20

After the first successful hiking tour ‘Exploring the Roads of Lithuania Minor 19’ we continue the traditions presenting you the second seaside tour!

Registration opens on the 1st April.

Start/Finish venue: Amber Museum (Palanga)

Date: 2020-08-08

Registration time: 09:00-12:00

Starting/Finishing times: 09:00-12:00

Distances: 10, 20, 40 km

Participants without tickets:

1. Come to PTuras registration venue.

2. We register you, give the maps and control marking cards.

3. Start individually after registration.

4. Receive a diploma after collecting all control stamps.

Participants with tickets:

1. Come to PTuras registration venue.

2. Provide their tickets for administration staff for approval.

3. Start individually after registration.

4. Receive a diploma after collecting all control stamps.

Route instructions:

10 km. Participants: follow green signs and directions

20 km. Participants: follow red signs and directions

40 km. Participants: follow blue signs and directons

The warm-up workout by Vidas Blekaitis – Lithuania strongest man!

Both hiking route parts (going forward and coming back) can be done as follows /You can choose the way you want to walk your distance:

a. Following the route along the seaside.

b. Following the route in the forest, along cycling paths and the places indicated in the online map (especially for those going 40 km. You will explore the magnificent Litorina ecological nature trail, which will lead you from The Dutch Hat (Olando kepurė) straight to Giruliai beach (Medvėgalis Cafe). In extremelly hot weather conditions you can change and adjust the route to your needs: going only along the sea and taking the same route back. It’s up to you, but make sure you return to the finish having all control points. Parking: individually in any parking place available.

Price: 10, 20, 40 km.- 10 eur each. Ticket price may increase.

Our slogan: Every time, every place – IMPOSSIBLE WE DO!

For more information: +37061889479

Free participation:

Your birthday falls on the day of the event? You go for free! Orphans and children from foster homes All children up to 4 years old

Residents of Palanga, 50 year-olds and above, members of KAS, VRM (state-run institutions) – 30 per cent discount.

Water will not be provided for participants. Make sure you have enough water supply for yourself!

Please, find the hiking rules attached in PTuras webpage.

All the participants who start the tour will be regarded as having accepted the rules. All the participants of hiking events organised by PTuras team, take full responsibility of their own health and safety. The organisers’ duty is to provide the route, however they are not able to control the participants’ ability to cover the distance they have chosen, walking speed and changing the route directions, or any other outside activities. The participants have a possibility to walk the distance chosen according to individual abilities.

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